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Stig Persson works with a stricly abstract constructivist and minimalist expression in his glass works, which occasionally contains reminiscences of identifiable surroundings. The experience af the individual work rests on repetition, i.e. repeated shapes of circles, squares, rectangles, or cylinders. Whether the shapes are made flat or plastically cast, they are always defined within a strictly geometric framework af constellations of these basic shapes, often placed inside one another.


All surfaces are matt conveying a feeling of gravity which, in reality, is true of each form, and the figures are vaguely translucent. The glass material is slightly heterogeneous with small bubbles an irregularities.

In the series, Stacked, containing cylinders in various sizes made of solid glass are placed on metal rails. The number, colour and size of the cylinders vary, effectively creating a sense of movement from block to block. A sence of tension builds up on the assumption that the removal of one cylinder would cause the rest to roll on, at once making control highly uncontrllable. In this way, the expectation of movements is captured in an otherwise utterly static construction, and these works come close to a kind of kinetic art.


Ulla Houkjær, Curator, Design Museum Denmark

Stig Persson studio.JPG
Stig Persson studio 2.JPG
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